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Name:Literally Cuttlefish
Location:Portsmouth, South Carolina, United States of America

17 - ♓ - Bi - Taken - I'm really a mermaid


The Peixes family are rich, famous, influential moguls, headed up by the ostentatious and hard-hitting CEO of a business empire. The daughters are known in the gossip mags, one for her charity work, and the other for her clubbin', thuggin', and general bad attitude.

It's said that even the Mayor of Portsmouth answers to the Peixes family, and men have oftentimes found themselves entranced to listen to them when they speak, forced to heed their word and heed their instruction. These women are charismatic, and are feared as much as respected and admired.

Many people have their theories about how old the matriarch of the family is, however, some have their guesses, and as far as anyone knows she's been here forever. Notably, nobody has ever seen her pregnant, either, so nobody quite knows exactly where her daughters came from, as they seemed to just show up one day.

Feferi for her side, is active in the community, often volunteering at the church soup kitchen, offering humanitarian aid to those who need it, and works hard to achieve good grades so that she can begin her studies in Marine Biology. She's openly a member of Greenpeace, and is very enthusiastic about cuttlefish and her girlfriend. She's won a number of awards in water sports, particularly when it comes to surfing, leading some to joke that she must actually be a mermaid.

She's taken to more superstitious beliefs, often falling into the the fabled blackdeath speech of the woegothics' broodfester tongues. Some worry for her, but she's not concerned!

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