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Okay this is all going to be a little bit stupid.

It sounds crazy! Absolutely INSAN-E! But I'm starting to think that maybe the "the peixes are sirens" jokes aren't really so... jokes. Not anymore.

And before anyone goes all "Oh but Feferi wasn't that OBVIOUS?" I'll say NO because despite my infatuation with the zoologically dubious and bestially ferocious I never quite entertained the idea of something like that. Why you ask?

Well everyone wants to think that T)(-EY are the normal ones, that T)(-EY are the ones who everything else revolves around but it gets hard to be skeptical when you find yourself instinctively breathing seawater, listening to whispers from creatures unfathomable in your sleep and sometimes in waking, singing in a voice that isn't yours, and, apparently, making GIANT GLOWING BUBBL-ES FROM A PUDDL-E!


I don't know if I should talk to mom about this. Maybe it's just nothing. Maybe it's general town weirdness. But where else would I find an answer?